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Cancer Center Assessment Of Research Opportunities Specialized Multidisciplinary Teams Of Healthcare

Translational medicine brings new diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, as well as devices and therapeutics, to positively impact the lives of people at risk of cancer as well as patients with cancer. Translational research disease groups (TRDGs) coordinate assessment of research opportunities, particularly through investigator-initiated trials, interdisciplinary collaboration, research support, and trainee involvement. Theda Care Regional Cancer Center marks a major step forward in treating cancer patients in the Fox Valley. It serves as home base for hundreds of thousands of people to receive the best cancer care north of Milwaukee. The new center provides a full spectrum of care, including some of the most advanced cancer treatments and therapies available, all less than one roof for the first time.

The new Cancer treatment Hospital had lofty goals from the beginning for a patient experience–designers were asked to provide a building to support a warm and safe journey with a focus on inspiring success in patients and families along the way. This 82,000 square foot holistic center allows patients to receive convenient adjunct care and support in one place including radiation and oncology services, a healthy snack bar, a prosthetic and appearance shop, doctor’s offices, specialty counseling center, meditation chapel and an education center. . Our team will continue to offer respectful, integrated care, including rural communities, but patients now have convenient access to the Regional Cancer Center.

Sylvester organizes its cancer research and treatment into 15 “site-disease groups,”– specialized, multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals who focus on specific types of cancer. From high-frequency breast and lung cancer to rarer forms of the disease, like pediatric and thyroid cancer, Sylvester’s site disease groups are made up of a wide array of specialists, including medical oncologists, surgeons, and radiation oncologists. The best cancer care requires highly skilled and compassionate providers who understand the complexity of your needs. Our commitment to whole person care ensures that the entire cancer treatment process is individualized and focused on treating your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Onsite physicians (medical oncologists and radiation oncologists) as well as nurses, therapists and a staff trained in outpatient cancer care provide a multidisciplinary team approach.

With an initial list of more than 100 top cancer centers around the world, we researched each individually and took note of the high-tech features they offer related to research, medical expertise, and patient care. Initially, we used quantity as a general guideline and counted the technologically-advanced resources available at each cancer center. However, we also studied each institution in order to assess variety and quality of resources, as well as regional and national impact, and then determined the final ranking from there. For example, an institution with many high-tech features but whose services are limited to one area would not score as well as a smaller hospital with numerous cancer specialties, effective research programs, and access to clinical trials. The center provides medical oncology, radiation therapy, and outpatient chemotherapy and laboratory services.

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